Contest Info

Contest Time!!

   Just pretend this is a fashion show. You get a theme. You come up with an outfit matching that theme. You send a pic to me in a certain time. And then all you gotta do is cross your fingers to see if you won! There will be 3 winners and each get 50 bearbills. It’s simple right? Now, I get to pick when I want to do the contests…. so I am pretty sure it won’t be a weekly thing. :/


How to be part of the contest

1) You have to be my friend on Bearville ( make sure you state that you read my blog when you send the friend request )

2) Email me the attached picture at

3) Make sure you include your Bearville username!


If you do win the contest


2) YOU will contact ME (on my email AND on Bearville)  within 3 days, or then I will have to give the prize to someone else.

3) I will send you the bearbills on Bearville with a small gift from me :0)


If you have any questions then you contact me at or on Bearville!


Bear hugs from my computer to yours,



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