Contact Me!


I would love getting some mail from you! Questions, pictures, or even telling me a little bit about yourself, you can guarantee I will write back to you ASAP! Whether its 3 days or 3 weeks, don’t worry.

Remember this is the key thing  to entering in my contests. With this email address, you can send me your pictures to be a part of my contest!


If you would also like to be my friend on Bearville please add me (AbiAdorable1594) If you do send me a friend request please state you read my blog 🙂 This will help me keep track, so I don’t delete you by accident!

Bear hugs from my computer to yours,



5 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Yes, Hello, this is StephanieStar105, I run a Bearville Blog called the Bear Cove: I was just wondering if I could add you onto my blog roll. I’m currently trying to create a new blog community for the new generation of Build-A-Bearville players that did not grow up with the splur of blogs back in say 2009-2011. This is a great blog that you own and I hope that you keep updating it during your stay in Bearville. Thanks

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