About Me


 Different people have different obsessions. Some might have love for American Girl Dolls.. while they might just hate Legos. But my love is for BABW. I believe that no one is too old for BABW. Girl or boy. A kid or an adult. And that’s just what makes BABW great!  Everytime I go to that store, I see people picking out a furry friend that they know they are going to love!

I have 5 furry friends. Holly, Frosty, Catrina, Sugar, and Cocoa. Loved at the very most. 

My cousin is a big part in this whole blog thing. She loves writing and so do I. She also has a Bearville blog (www.buildabearfan01.blogspot.com) and I guess that’s just where the spark came. Starting my own blog. Thanks to her, I’m able to share my outfit creations with you guys!

      I (AbiAdorable1594) loves designing, and writing, and designing, and doodling, and writing some more! Basically, those three things just describe who I am.

    Do you know a little bit more about me now then you did before? Good.

Bear hugs from my computer to yours, 



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