Fun News!

Hi Guys,

So I thought I saved my post that I had typed up, but it really didn’t save.. and I wrote a lot… so let me see what I can remember.

First off, my sister had her birthday party at BABW this past Sunday. I got a new bear (you can check her out here in a few days) and also a party room on Bearville because she hosted her birthday party there.

I asked about the new BABW experience I had heard about. It’s really hi-tech and seem very fun. It seems that if this new way is popular, they are going to bring it to stores all around where I live.

Some bears that I saw were the Frozen bears, Hello Kitty, Rudolph and Clarice (they were so cute), and Santa’s Reindeer Team.  They were all the same reindeers except you got to pick a little medallion that had their name on it. (ex. Prancer, Dasher, Cupid) You got an exclusive app and you would get a code so you could do fun activities with your reindeer. I believe that most of the bears listed above were $25.

I also made an Instagram again because Casey and Marina told me to! My username is: xabiadorablex

Bear hugs from my computer to yours,

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