August Announcements!

Hi Guys!

Camp Happy Heart ended a few days ago and we have the winner! Congrats MiguelSunshine! Second place went to ChloeRocks, then GreenTracks, and lastly AbbieBright. We received the same gifts… just like every year. Last year I wrote a lecture about the whole CHH thing. 

The Carnival is open while you get the same prize you get every year. Nonetheless, I have a lot of fun at the carnival with the rides and games. Now I am just waiting for a new annual activity in the summer. Get your game up Bearville! What happened to all the quests we had regularly?!


In terms of new furry friends we have a few!

 We have new Palace Pets!


Beauty – Aurora

Berry – Snow White

Treasure – Ariel

Pumpkin – Cinderella

Teacup – Belle

Summer – Rapunzel

I expect a few more to come out for Jasmine and Tiana.


Captain America has returned!


 The Minnie Mouse Themed bear has come out! I think its pretty cute and I would actually buy one… 🙂


I believe there are new hairstyles available at the Bee Stylin’ Salon… I have a really bad memory so I don’t really remember. 😛


I also have an outfit post coming out this week so watch out for that!


And Marina has an awesome BVWP Community page for more pawsome Bearville blogs. Check it out here


Bear hugs from my computer to yours,

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One thought on “August Announcements!

  1. I don’t think the prizes were exactly the same… 😛 Didn’t the 2013 prizes just repeat from the 2012 prizes? I don’t remember getting the stove last year, anyway (and I was on the winning team both times). 😆
    A quick search reveals that sadly, there are no new hairstyles. :/ If you saw someone with light blue wavy hair that looked new, it’s from the Trixie bear. 😛
    Thanks for linking to my page! 🙂

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