A tip that Everyone can use.

Hey Guys!

Hold up. Where have I been?

I don’t know.

I just hope that this summer I stick to my goal of writing on my blog and on BRD.

So basically when you have been playing Bearville for a LONGG time, you start to realize that YOU CAN’T BUY ANYMORE THINGS FOR YOUR INVENTORY.

But fear not.

Today I will show you a tip that everyone can use. Whether you already know it or you don’t. This sure will come in handy and it will never fail if you do it right.

So ready?

Okay so one way to find out if you don’t have space in your inventory is when you see this.


Now I personally find this as a glitch BECAUSE you do have enough room except you just have to go through some steps to get your purchase without “deleting” or “selling” your “stuff.”

Next, you need to go and buy an attic from the Lumbear Yard Store. It should look like this.


Now, no one else will be able to see your attic. So no one can steal your things.

Now Bearville wasn’t working for me, so I couldn’t get any more pictures. But all you have to do is store things in your attic and then go ahead and buy.


That’s it!

Bear hugs from my computer to yours!

P.S. I know I haven’t been writing on BRD in a while. Except what I think is that my blog comes first in my priorities. So I promise I will be writing really soon on Fashion Frenzy!


One thought on “A tip that Everyone can use.

  1. Yay, you’re back!
    Another tip I have is that even if you have too much stuff (which honestly isn’t even too much), you can still buy outfits from stores, just not tops or bottoms or anything else alone šŸ˜† You could also make side accounts to buy you stuff if you don’t want to store it in your attic/you don’t have enough room there, because, after all, you can only store 20 large pages’ worth of stuff in there! There was also another item at one point, the Armoire (I think it’s called that?) that works as a combined attic for clothing and accessories, and then there’s something similar just for food šŸ˜›

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