The F U N Stuff

Hi Guys!!

   So this is my first post… and soon when this is a well known blog, (I doubt that!) people will be asking “What do you think about Bearville?” 

And I’ll say..

     “Different people have different obsessions. Some might have love for American Girl Dolls.. while they might just hate Legos. But my love is for BABW. I believe that no one is too old for BABW. Girl or boy. A kid or an adult. And that’s just what makes BABW great!  Everytime I go to that store, I see people picking out a furry friend that they know they are going to love!

     Check out the menus above to see some cool stuff to do. On your right side you can do yourself a big favor of clicking the “Awesome button” and knowing when a new post has come. Get some fashion ideas and tips from me to go ahead and show off your style wherever you go! Join some contests, and attend in my “Outfit Inspiration” every Tuesday. Look at the “Matching Me” section to find cute outfits that will match the newest furry friends added into the BABW collection. Not only do I show my outfit ideas, but I also do room decorating. Need a new style for your room? Go check out the “Room Reno” section.

Any questions, feedback, or new ideas to make this blog more fun to read, send me an email at 

Bear hugs from my computer to yours,



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